2021: killthelogo

The new line-up

Killthelogo is a new band and the next stage in the project that was .calibre. This is not a reunion in practice, but it certainly is a reunion in spirit. Vocalist Daniel Mies and guitarist Niko Poortmans are two founding members of the original line-up. Over 16 years after terminating the .calibre project, they are joined by Sven Leyemberg on guitar, Herwig Scheck on bass and Jonas Sanders on drums.

Throw-back sound

This is definitely the follow-up music of the 2002 release 'Kill The Logo', by .calibre. So you can expect guitar based rock with hardcore and nu-metal influences. But we would be silly as to not incorporate the things we have learned and done over the years. But we'll let the music speak for itself.

Story continuity and references

The story-line, philosophy and general initiative that were the foundations of the 2001-2004 band is continued as if the past 16 years never happened, but we are certainly not ignoring the current state of affairs. On the contrary! We believe that our content is more relevant than ever.  Killthelogo consciously uses a clear reference to the old logo (be it worn down by time and upside down) and the colour scheme of its predecessor.

The new killthelogo motto sounds as follows:
"This band seeks to help translate the drivers of social and political change to the larger public. As a branch in the wide scope of artistic expression, we want to be an extra and loud voice in the social debate and the 'separation of powers' that safeguards the balance in society."

Some cornerstones of our philosophy: #deconsume #livenatural #offthegrid. This project is all about consumer disobedience.

2021 Releases


Digital single - 06 January 2021

‘Riot As One’ by killthelogo
(p) & © killthelogo under exclusive license to [PIAS] Recordings Belgium

Cover photo by Valentin Salja via unsplash.com
Artwork by killthelogo

Listen here: https://killthelogo.lnk.to/riotasoneWE
See video here: https://youtu.be/GsG1gmagyI4

Credits video clip - Riot As One
Concept & video production by SETh production/Sven Leyemberg  & killthelogo.
Camera, editing and post-production by SETh production/Sven Leyemberg.

2001-2004: .calibre



CD Single

.calibre/The Rocket (WEA - 2001)

CD Single

Karma/Wartime (WEA - 2002)

CD Full length

Kill The Logo (WEA - 2002)

CD Single

Where is my mind (WEA - Universal 2002)

Video clips


This band had quite the run in the early 2000's. Here are a few highlights:

  • 07 February 2002 - Vooruit - Support Alien Ant Farm:
    Still in the studio finalising the album, we packed our gear to play this gig. Quite the launch for our new sound. 

  • 6 May 2002 - AB Brussels - P.O.D After Show:
    This was a treat. A room, packed to the ceiling with party-people and a great multicam live-capture by TMF. This show got aired plenty afterwards. Great sound, superb camera-work.

  • 11 May 2002 - StuBru Punt Uit Festival:
    .calibre got amazing support from Studio Brussel in those days. This fest was a great experience, amongst many other great acts. 

  • 1 June 2002 - OzzFest Netherlands:
    It may sound corny and Ozzy may be a bit of a laughing stock to some, but to us, the man is due eternal respect. Metal-heads will agree. 

  • 28 June 2002 - Rock Werchter - Main Stage:
    High on the bucket-list of any musician, born and bred in Belgium. A lucky set of circumstances got us the opening slot of that year's Werchter festival. Definitely a memorable moment.

  • 6 July 2002 - Graspop Metal Meeting:
    Another metal-head's Walhalla with big guns like: Slayer, Machine Head, Biohazard, Slapshot, Integrity, Immortal, Cannibal Corpse, ...

  • 12 July 2002 - Dour Festival:
    In those days it was not so common for Flemish bands to be playing this fest. But there was a great scene for alternative music on these grounds. 

  • 14 August 2002 - Marktrock: 
    For some reason this is one of the kickers. This show left a mark and it also is the first show we ditched the in-ear monitoring. Back to the wedges, where we belong. 

  • 24 August 2002 - Pukkelpop: 
    Programmed on the skate stage, we brought along some friends and projected a list of hundreds of Belgian underground band-names. There is more to music than meets the ear. 

.calibre emerged quite immediately out of our previous band facedown in 2001.
Please find a list of our concerts here (PDF).


Worth mentioning: Warner Belgium did a pretty great job with this band when it came to press coverage. The .calibre background story on ethical production and social politics got published in music and regular press. There is an audience for this philosophy, now even more than back in 2001.

1995-2001: facedown


Friendship Is Still Everything - Full length CD - Genet Records (BE), Evil Twin Records (BE) - 1997
Beyond All Horizons - Full length LP/CD - Genet Records (BE) - 1998
Education, Contemplation, Dedication ‎- CD, Maxi - Genet Records (BE) - 1999

Early footage



facedown was bred from the underground hub 'De Lintfabriek' in Kontich but our drive for musical experiment quickly brought us to other cities and countries.

We played tons of shows all over the European mainland, the UK and we did a d.i.y.-organised tour following the US East Coast with the help of our local contacts there. That's what we did in the underground, we hooked each other up.

Please find a list of all our concerts here (PDF).