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Officially, we are all called upon by the treasury to invest in the common needs of our society. But some have become highly proficient in evading that responsibility. The biggest earners contribute close to nothing, leaving the weakest shoulders to bear the heaviest loads. Spineless and/or corrupt tax collectors exclusively target the smaller companies and natural persons to amass the bulk of revenues. The coffers are filled by the bleeding little man while the high rollers have erected impenetrable legal arguments, sinister shell companies and tax haven off-shore accounts to safely shelter their hoard.

In the spirit of the separation of powers, we would like to know exactly 'who' contributes what? What is that money spent on? How intimate is the relationship between the financial world and our government officials? The linchpin resides in the lack of verification and true accountability of government. They are unchecked in their servitude to the economical masters.




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