Listen to The Wonder Ordinary

The Wonder Ordinary: Here’s a tribute to an ordinary life. The simple things, the small things. No loud victories or published successes. No critical acclaim. Rediscover the deep energy in all things that are not worth mentioning in today’s personal profiling world. We are more than ok to reside on the happy side of neutral. To simply belong and share our lives, without being the biggest, brightest star in the sky. There is enduring joy, and you can find precious bouts of happiness in that. We have all reached the end of importance.


Credits: The Wonder Ordinary - by killthelogo (p) & © killthelogo under exclusive license to [PIAS] Recordings Belgium | Produced by killthelogo | Tracking by killthelogo at, & the garage | Mixed by Ace Zec @ Studio Scampi | Mastered by Pieter De Wagter @ Equus mastering |


The Wonder Ordinary

I’m not germane at all. I’m not germane.

I’m the most non-descript creature you’ll ever meet (this ordinary). I wear it like a badge of honour.

I’m the most ordinary thing. I’m not germane at all. (this ordinary). I’ve thrown all my armour

I have long reached the end of importance. I have nothing left to give,
I’ve nothing left to give.

I want to feel the fire of others.

I‘ve joined the swarm. I was never tempted by your creed. Your call for never enough. Never enough indeed

I have long reached the end of importance. This is who I am, this is all i am and all I need.

It’s a wasted way we came. It’s a gruesome game.