Listen to Utopia
Utopia: Moving slowly towards an ideal of which the end seems unattainable is a far better option than sliding further down the slope of inhumanity. We can choose to let all the dissuasive arguments convince us that we should remain passive; or we can choose life and love and compassion. Because really: anything is better than this.



Forget the Past

Get on this bloody stage
Make sure you use that compelling voice
You got the heart, you got the bones
You are the centre of the choice

It’s a vision thing
It’s the perfect path we cross
It’s what remains
when you strip off all the gloss

Find your voice
Make the choice

It’s all inception 
It’s the heart of what you feel
It is make-belief
but a thought can make it real

It’s beyond your life
You’re investing in your child
You won’t see the dream
of a future pure and wild.

Anything is better than this

Credits: Utopia - by killthelogo (p) & © killthelogo under exclusive license to [PIAS] Recordings Belgium | Produced by killthelogo | Tracking by killthelogo at, & the garage | Mixed by Ace Zec @ Studio Scampi | Mastered by Pieter De Wagter @ Equus mastering |