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Is 'reset’ relevant? - written by The Paris Connection

Our planet is completely locked up as the first chords of this album struggle for existence, provoked by an underlying sentiment of discontent. ’20-’21 is a tipping point. Not because 5 musicians with converging pasts feel somehow compelled to make a record, but because the pivotal times in which they live, force them to reassert their focus.

‘Reset’ undeniably bears the stamp of a generation that yearns for social and political change. These are galvanising songs that stand proudly on the shoulders of the rich musical heritage of 5 friends, firmly rooted in a deeply dedicated alternative music scene.

But when the last feedback dies out and the stage turns deafeningly silent, only context remains.
In today’s ever growing war for ideologies, music proves its relevance as a powerful platform and cross-
generational unifying force. ‘Reset’ combines the creative ambitions of 5 awakened citizens with their drive to inspire the audience. Some have personally experienced the difficulty of keeping ideals alive. Others became fathers themselves, with a growing awareness of the legacy they will be leaving their children.

This record had to be written. It is the fruit of an era that, more than ever, forced our free spirits into lockdown. When driven to the brink, a society is left with two choices. Choose!



RIOT AS ONE / It’s been almost 20 years and we’re deeper than we’ve ever been / Such a sordid paradigm and the scale is something we have never seen / We have minds on merchandise and entire countries on the run / They’re about to charge us for the rain and they sure will charge us for the sun / Riot as one, before they charge us for the sun / Don’t buy into the paradigm that there is really nothing you can do / As a law abiding citizen, your real power is where you consume / Or do you call yourself an anarchist? Then put your disposition in a useful gear / You should be burning the gargantuan and not the fucking livelihood of your social peers / Do your very worst, by doing ever less (it’s an act of doom) / Do your very worst, high in the upper class (deconsume) / When the cabal is hitting everyone, deconsumption is your smoking gun / Don’t slip into the state of mind that we are somehow meaningless / If we leave this marketplace our human hearts will coalesce / Do your very worst, aiming for the brass (it’s an act of doom) / Do your very worst, high in the upper class (deconsume) / There’s over 99 point 9 percent of us, still we’re conducted by a puny clan of avarice / There’s a strategy for everyone to contribute, to a conversion too impervious to miss / I’m anything but meaningless, you’re anything but meaningless / Our human hearts will coalesce, we’re anything but meaningless /
BUY MORE SH!T / Here’s BuyMoreShit, Incorporated / We’re all so deeply captivated / There is a price to pay and it’s been long anticipated / It‘s been a slow decay but now we’re all incorporated / I want no lag and no latency / I’ve lost all sense of proportion and of priority / I don’t wanna be held, or loved, or kissed / That shit won’t even make the list / I don’t care about the why, the what, the how / I just need it here and now / ‘Same day delivery’, does not feel right somehow / I’ve gotten used to instantly so I have to have it now / Just place it in my hand before I know I need it / I don’t want to know how, just supply me unimpeded / Now (just give it to me) /
THE DEEP STATE / The youths are swayed as a means to consolidate control of the Deep State / The guilds, the lodges, cliques, fraternities and clubs / Whatever league you pick to prime your filthy cubs / They’re breeding grounds for cold supremacists that were born onto the list / They will do whatever it takes to stay in place / To bind this human race and to command the interface / Control /
TAXES / Taxes / I don’t mind a little contribution / I support a proper distribution / You motherfuckers keep avoiding / And we keep sweating, bleeding, toiling / Explain it to me / The collectors of death and dust / They are the worst of the worst of the worst / They are the henchmen of fraud and disgust / They are the boneless arms of the unjust / When I said now, I didn’t mean forever / When I said yes, I didn’t mean to all / When I said sure, I didn’t mean to give you any permission to collect your haul / You motherfuckers are not the exception / Death and taxes come for everyone / If you refuse to pay your tolls and levies / You’ll get the wrong end of a hit and run /
BOUTIQUE PHARMA / Look at all those scientists, squirming for another grant, a private industry donation / The model is reductionist, so all results can please the hand and produce more retail medication / Curing the conditions of man / It’s called: curing the condition of man (now break it up) / Hear that mesmerising tone of a surgery for yoursoul / The commodified panacea of a high-tech boutique pharma / Boutique pharma / It’s a den of illusion and of prepaid conclusion / You’re just a corporate menace when you are paid to prove the premise / There’s a greedy little route in place / It’s a single file one a one-way track / Food, to disease, to care and back, to food, to disease, to care and back (and back) / Hear that mesmerising tone of a cult that just ain’t true no more / The problem‘s always disputable, if the solution’s always pharmaceutical / What else could be the point of you / Now what is the fucking point of you, if you can’t be lured into a cure / If you can’t be probed and diagnosed / If you can’t be treated as a host /
THE WAREHOUSE MOGULS / This one is about the big shot sociopaths / About a colonised economy on the back of raging inequality / Accountability / This is not a warehouse / This is not a living wage / This is repurposed slavery of a dystopian modern age / Your pretty business acumen is nothing but perverted / All you see is living energy you want to get converted / But we are real people / We are real people / If you brand yourself a winner for your total lack of empathy / Here’s a thought that may seem new to you / It is called accountability / What happens in the factory, must stay in the factory / And your only real legacy is that you’ve redefined slavery / Your stock of human decency is pretty much deserted / Hey Big Mogul-Man, you are responsible / you will be held accountable /
IN THE FACTORY / What happens in the factory, must stay in the factory / We’re all locked in a death trap /
ICONOCLAST / Talk to the hand of the iconoclast / A score is a credit and a brand is a caste / I have no problem with being surpassed / Should I even be ‘liking’ this? / Should I ever be keeping a score? / And should I at all justify why I don’t want to compete anymore? / Why did I let myself care so much about what other people believe? / To think it might help my case was much more than a little naïve / I can do the right thing, half the time / Can’t I just do the right thing, half the time? / Is this the future you promised me? / Is this the new social lore? / I refuse to determine my price / I refuse to be placed in a store /
CONSPIRACY / It’s a lie / Don’t be fooled by milk & honey / They want all your lunch & health money / Under all delicate diplomacy lives a shameless and vile... / Conspiracy / It’s a conflict of interest a mile high / Every fact you’ve been fed was a cold lie / Such a simple plan / They need us in place, so they work to debase us systemically / Hence they bind us to guzzle increasingly / Covert syndicates / Where food leads to disease, to help drug-sales increase in an endless loop / We’re split by ambition to never regroup / And diplomacy is a vulgar deflection, to mask the subjection of politics / The corruption is making everything sick / It’s a shameless and vile ... / And make no mistake / We’re all brutally coined, so far beyond the point that we can take / And it’s every step along the way / This inserted plague / You misplace your trust and you slave till you rust as the working poor / And you’re too paralysed to produce a cure / This engine turns on our compliance alone / The barricades of industry are founded on your blood and bone / And nothing spells conspiracy, like the pedigree of politicians / From the cancers of economy to the monsters of submission / If you could interfere /
FUCK YOUR DATA / There’s always a wire, a structure, a moat, a gate, a steeple / Some technocratic fortress that will shield you from the people / Love and hate are quantified and triggered by the code / Now everything is justified by numbers on the road / You’ve been getting airs above your station / Go fuck your data / Go fuck your tally / Is there no human left in all the valley? / You stitch a philanthropic purpose to your product, but right beneath the surface another pattern keeps emerging / While you go about your ways with no mandate and no checks, it’s tragic how the money and the power keep converging / You won’t believe how well these men see in the dark / The great predictions, and the growth hacks and the bench marks / The forceful choice, the cold reports and all the hallmarks /
CLEAR AS DAY / I’ve banned myself from speaking about this to anyone, for decades / And while trying to build a life, this shit’s been festering inside / Now I’ve reached a point where I don’t give a fuck about the complications anymore and I just want to see your strategies demystified / So, here we go / You want us blind and stupid, ashamed, distraught, confused and shivering / You need us weak and passive as can be / You want to spur the sides of us that keep us deeply segregated while you reap the body currency of our virtual identity / First, we’ll ruin your cycles of control / Then, we’ll whet the claws of your prey / Third, we’ll find you where you court your peers / And none of you will / see another fucking day / I can see myself clear as day / Standing up, in your way / I can see myself breaking through / Coming down, crushing you / I can hear you laughing out loud (at least pretend to fucking hide it) / I will break my back and choke my soul for years (all of my better years) / To afford the life you sell me / I’m still being governed by a noxious compound of concocted fears (and after all this time) / I still do everything you tell me / Fuck me, I do everything you tell me / Fuck me, I still do everything you tell me / First, we’ll ruin your cycles of control / Then, we’ll put our fury into play / Third, we’ll face you where you spend your spoils / And none of you will / see another fucking day / I can see myself clear as day / Standing up, in your way / I can see myself breaking through / Coming down, wrecking you / Here’s a promise that I bestow / I’ll take you bastards with me when I go /
TRANSLUCENT / I am under water as I drag myself to the sea / I’m so dried out, I don’t even think I’m here / I stare up at the surface but no one’s there / nothing is there / I’m coming out of a trance / the delirium is breaking / There is nothing holding me in place / I can feel my body shaking / The hysteria is breaking / There is nothing holding me in place no more / I’m looking for water, floating in the sea / There is nothing left of me / I can feel the fever breaking / Pull me out /


All tracks written by killthelogo - 2021 / Produced by Jo Francken ( & killthelogo / Tracking by killthelogo at, & the garage / Mixed by David Bottrill ( / Mastered by João Carvalho ( / Artwork by killthelogo / killthelogo is Vocals: Daniel Mies / Guitar: Sven Leyemberg / Guitar: Niko Poortmans / Bass: Herwig Scheck / Drums: Jonas Sanders / visit: / follow us on: / / killthelogo - Special thanks to: Jonas van Esch (keyboards on Translucent) - Georges Sanders (percussion on Translucent) - Michael Brosens & Remco Linskens (backings on Fuck Your Data).