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A new sound

There is a new sound to killthelogo. Our bandname implies transformation, so we keep changing. From deep roots in crossover metal to an electrifying blend of alternative rock. This evolution has not only expanded our musical range but also made this music accessible to a broader audience, without compromising the raw energy and edge that defines our distinctive style.

A new full length coming up!
Anticipate the upcoming album, set to release before summer 2024. Embracing a fresh sonic journey, we delve deeper into alternative and experimental realms, promising you a captivating fusion of genres that pushes musical boundaries.

Shifting styles
As our Brainmaker EP release in the winter of 2023 demonstrated, killthelogo's music now resonates with a more diverse fan base, reaching far beyond the confines of traditional metal genres. With the upcoming album, we're digging even deeper. We take pride in seamlessly transitioning from dark droning riffs to melodic landscapes, opening doors to a much wider audience and aiming for an engaging and inclusive experience for music lovers.

The killthelogo story
Even with this shift in musical direction, we remain steadfast in our commitment to social change and empowerment. Our lyrics continue to carry a powerful message, encouraging listeners to embrace personal growth and live their best lives. We stay dedicated to meaningful storytelling and try to add a layer of substance to our performance, creating an immersive and thought-provoking experience for the audience.

Booking killthelogo does not only contribute to the diversity of your venue lineup but also showcases a band that embodies the spirit of evolution and change in the music industry. Our goal is to blend genres while maintaining a strong, socially conscious message. That makes us who we are and we can promise you an unforgettable performance. We always give it all we have.

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Past shows

2023/11/16: Charlatan - Gent
Cafe Cafe - Hasselt
Trix - Antwerpen
Splintertime - Roosdaal
De Snuffel - Brugge
De Verlichte Geest - Roeselare
Aauw Yzer - Oud-Turnhout
Schuman Square - Climate action - Brussels
Pukkelpop - Hasselt
Alcatraz - Kortrijk
Lokerse Feesten - Lokeren
Brakrock - Duffel
Ieperfest - Ieper
Graspop Metal Meeting - Dessel
AB Box - FleddyPalooza - Brussels
AB Club - Brussels
2022/02/19: Vort'n Vis - Ieper
2021/08/01: Werchter Parklife - Werchter