The critics

There's no pleasing everyone. We are well aware of that. There will always be those that either disagree with our point of view or (which is worse) don't like the strategy and tools we apply or the way we formulate the problem.

Why is the latter worse? Because these are actually people that share at least part of our view on things or want to achieve similar goals, but they somehow still feel disconnected from our project for reasons that are not at the heart of the matter. That is truly wasted energy. Allow us to illustrate.

"Aren't you part of the system that you are criticising?"

In the literal sense, that is a fact. We all are. Unless you are living totally off the grid, in nature, totally self-sustaining your livelihood. But that is of course not what this critique is aiming at. It 'accuses' us of using the system to get our message across, while implying that we are doing this for financial gains and/or ego gratification.

Why are we using these media (music, social media, the major music industry, radio, ...) and playing by their rules? That should be obvious! We are looking for a wider audience scope and a platform that can grow and sustain its strength over a longer stretch of time. Both those aspects have proven time and again (and again) to have only very limited potential in the underground scene. That does not mean that we are on a different mission, but we choose to go about it a different way.

We also want to be a real contender in the debate by demonstrating that anyone can become an adverse linchpin in the machine. Everyone has one or more positions they can 'abuse' to undermine the system. We are all in it, and we all have a role to play in the foul schemes. Those individual roles are our linchpins and we can sometimes (not always) choose to change the way we apply that input.

We are a music band in shape and platform, but we mainly have social and macro-political motives. Being a music band ties us to a certain set of rules (which we actually try to bend and stretch all the time) if we want to reach that wider scope. We could 'write a book' or 'start a political party' or find another, more powerful way (although we also question the true power of those options, since all our media that have any relevant scope, are tied to the same rules). But if we are honest, we are not brilliant minds, we are musicians. It is what we do and the only thing we really know how to, in a way that gets some kind of result. We want to see how far this medium can take us on that path of rattling the cage.

In addition, it is not our main focus to form a parallel circuit to the major industry or social system in place. If that were the case, the underground would suit us fine. There we have all we need. It's already in place with alternative products and services available to those that are lucky enough to get introduced to those scenes. Our main focus is on informing the wider audience that has not yet been introduced to these alternative/parallel scenes of their existence. This requires us to move in circles that can reach those people.

You don't have to agree. We welcome your criticism, as long as it is aimed at the heart of the matter. And if you have improvements to suggest, bring them on. We may use them, if they are sensible, relevant to our project and the path we are on.