Music for a movement

Freedom, equality and community are not concepts that will be handed to us by our leaders. They have been seduced by other interests that take them ever further away from our communal needs.

This is not a new struggle, but the rules have changes drastically. It has become a numbers game, a commercial game. A market. Even though killthelogo is a non-profit organisation, we need to operate in the commercial arena. And we are lucky enough to have some support in those circles. So let's use it.

We need ALL your follows, subscriptions, likes, shares and other nasty digital movements. We need you to join our ranks and grow the numbers to expand our reach.

This is where your votes are cast today.

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killthelogo seeks to help translate the drivers of social and political change to the larger public. As a branch in the wide scope of artistic expression, we want to be an extra and loud voice in the social debate and the 'separation of powers' that safeguard the balance in society."
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