About this documentary

Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff wrote a monumental book about the new economic order that is alarming. "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism," reveals how the biggest tech companies deal with our data. How do we regain control of our data? What is surveillance capitalism? In this documentary, Zuboff takes the lid off Google and Facebook and reveals a merciless form of capitalism in which no natural resources, but the citizen itself, serves as a raw material. How can citizens regain control of their data?


Our interpretation:

These are scary times. It's impossible to assess who is collecting our data, both harmless and critical. This documentary shows us that there is no such thing as innocent data anymore. Every bit adds to the avatar that is being created in our image to better control, predict and adjust our behaviours. Data-mining is everywhere around us, not just in the applications that aks you to agree to some illegible terms of service beforehand.