killthelogo's raison d'être


This is our premise: the system is broken, tainted, corrupted, … and we need to break the loop. There is a definite need to undermine the ruling power structures. A big reboot or a gradual change? What do you think?


Leaving the ruling powers unchecked and unchallenged, they will lead us to an ever worsening dystopia. If we want another future, we will have to build one ourselves.


the killthelogo project is all about self-empowering people. Pointing them towards their best potential. And in our view that requires cooperation and inspiration. We are not a new idea. We are part of an existing anti-establishment, anti-status quo movement and seek to connect with all likeminded parties.


If you ask us: what is wrong?

Ξ The system is rigged and welded shut for wealth extraction

Ξ The masses feel and are effectively powerless

Ξ The status quo is forcefully protected


If you ask us: what can I do?


All our actions can be meaningful. Be creative! Help your leaders to understand that they are accountable to us. 

Don’t you get the feeling that politicians and industry leaders are laughing in our faces when we ask them to do better? We are offered an abundance of tools for participation and expression, but in reality all these mechanisms are completely ineffectual. They are part of the debate, but never become part of policy. It's a charade. 


Our most powerful reaction is to ‘deconsume’: buy less, buy quality, buy local, buy cruelty-free, buy fair trade, … Buy against them.

The redistribution of wealth starts with undermining the wealth-extraction structures of the elite. And those are based largely on our consumer behaviours. Help each other to circumvent the rules.


Put political and industry leaders to shame by throwing food items in their face on public places, in front of cameras.

Preferably use stuff that looks a little kitsch. A rich, juicy, creamy pie, has proven its use on many occasions. And it’s not a real crime to embarrass an idiot, is it? 


All sides are being played and manipulated to keep us apart. So let’s do the opposite: unite & include.

Actively talk to your antagonists about the things that unite us, not the things that divide us. We are all humans, wanting to live long, healthy, happy, comfortable, safe lives. Learn to look beyond our superficial differences and it will be overly clear that the petty battles we fight, are instigated from above to make sure we can never unite against them.


We’d love you to do what you can and feel comfortable with. Act according to your power. All actions matter.

We are just like you, greatly flawed and imperfect. And we are not asking for perfection from anyone. We just hope to rekindle your sense of participation and community.


How can we change the course of things with small, feasible, easy actions? How can the sum of us become a gentle but irresistible force?

killthelogo is a cultural project – in the shape of a sound and a narrative – keen on investigating the linchpins of consumer and citizen power. If enough of us press the little buttons, the balance will shift. 


The elite always plays our fears, to pit us against each other. Don't fight your peers. Direct your anger upwards. And aim high!

There is a raw anger and it has been brewing for decades. We have been misgoverned and mismanaged to the point that the social contract we made with our rulers is dead. They amass all wealth, while we get less of everything: security, protection, respect, participation, expression, freedom, …

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