Why killthelogo?

"This band seeks to help translate the drivers of social and political change to the larger public. As a branch in the wide scope of artistic expression, we want to be an extra and loud voice in the social debate and the 'separation of powers' that safeguard the balance in society."
We are just like you: deeply flawed and imperfect. And we are not asking for perfection from anyone. We just hope to rekindle your sense of participation and community. Because that is what the people on those top floors fear most: us, talking to and actually understanding each other.
We are you,
as much as you are
this loud and urgent voice!
And we are not too proud to say:
we need you.

No participation = no balance.

In an equal society all forces of influence should be perfectly counterbalanced and verifiably separated.

In our prevailing model, there is no enforceable framework to halt the authoritarian influences of economics and culture on the structures and leaders we have given the mandate to act on our behalf. The at one-time independent power of journalism - as a critical examination of the workings of the political, socio-cultural and economic powers - has become strongly subjected to the unchallenged mastery of economy/industry and has lost much of its function as a social watchdog. 

We see that in essence, global economic forces in the shape of conglomerates or independent powerhouses, reunite all regional institutions in the background. Regional interests and governments - while of critical importance to citizens and consumers - have no real bearing on or connection to the global interests of the financial elite.

All governments are operating solely to protect the interests of the market, with complete disregard for the true necessities of the public. The apparent separation of powers is nothing more than regional window-dressing. Behind the curtains, a totally different and much larger dynamic is at play; and another, rather disturbing, agenda is being executed, completely unhindered. 

Politicians and industry leaders are openly in bed with each other and cleverly manipulating this fear-cycle to keep the current agenda in play, while extracting the wealth further upwards, at detrimental expense to the masses. 

We are in the clutches of this monster, called economy. Our citizen's instruments of influence have been secretly undermined and therefore our effectual participation has been erased.

Still, we refuse to believe that we are completely powerless!

Using momentum

How do we turn this around, from the ground up? Taking into account our current reality and the lessons of the past, it should probably start with disrupting the balance of power that stands; and more specifically, its figurehead: the economy. We have some leverage there, as consumers.

But this is where the loop of fear works at its best: we are most afraid to unbalance our economy, because this may and probably will unhinge our securities for a long span of time. Beyond more than a few generations. The personal short-term sacrifices we need to make to restore the socio-economic (and ecological) balance, may reach beyond our adopted limits of comfort.

Giving in to that fear, should we then keep pursuing the ruling agenda until economy and ecology fail completely, so we can resurrect a new balance from there? Won't this just take far longer and result in greater numbers of casualties.

Shouldn't we prompt our leaders to start mending the damage immediately, in the light of true long term goals. No band-aids or quick-fixes to contain the problems temporarily, but a strategy that deals with these issues as if we were already plummeted in the catastrophic future that awaits us.

If our leaders have forgotten their responsibilities, we need to remind them. If our leaders are favouring the elite over the masses, we need to hold them accountable. If our leaders are but impotent puppets on industry strings, we need to aim for the captains of industry and hold them accountable.

We need to shake the money-tree. Again, we definitely have some leverage there, as consumers.

Can we inspire each other?

This project is examining the avenues in which we can rediscover our power as citizens and consumers to affect policies and install social change that benefits us all, without giving up our basic securities. 

Please note our emphasis on the fact that we, as citizens and consumers, are not solely responsible for the required change. Our political and business leaders need to be held accountable (which is not the case now). Through this project we will be discussing a variety of ways to do just that.

Along with you we want to find a way, a narrative, a sound, an enthusiasm that will motivate us all to do the smaller, feasible, easy things that will make a world of difference if we start doing them as a united gentle force.

We hope you can be inspired by us, as we have been inspired by others. 

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